RCP II - Study on the Health of Korean Transgender People

  • Study period: February 2017 – August 2017 (Survey period: May to June 2017)

  • Target population: Korean transgender aged 19 or older

  • Survey domain: to be determined

   Rainbow Connection Project II will be launched in 2017 to investigate the medical accessibility and health of adult transgender individuals in Korea.  Our research team has published a paper (“Transgender People’s Access to Health Care in Korea”, 2015) to understand the barriers that transgender people face when accessing health care in Korea and to review what has been discussed in other countries to improve their health care access. In addition, we have conducted a qualitative study on access to health care with 14 transgender people since November 2014 and are currently working to prepare a research paper.


   Medical transition is necessary not only for changing their biological body to accord with their own gender identity but also for being socially recognized as the gender in their daily lives. Access to medical transition is very limited in Korea due to lack of health care coverage on medical transition, cultural prejudice and discrimination from medical providers, and paucity of well-trained surgeons who perform sex reassignment surgeries. In the Rainbow Connection Project II, we will work to identify and assess barriers that Korean transgender individuals confront in health care environments and to find the effective strategies to improve transgender individuals' health in Korea.  This project will be conducted in collaboration with Korean Transgender Human Right Organization, Jogakbo, (http://transgender.or.kr/).